An Ankara kissed Christmas

A Namibian Christmas is so far from the Hallmark version of what Christmas looks like, that it would be hard to pull off a lot of the Christmas decor that is popular at this time of year. This year I had an awesome time sourcing decor items – I had such a clear vision for what I wanted it to look like that I think it’s a shame it’s only up for a few days! Oh well, there is always next year.

I really wanted earthy, wood and glass inspired accents so I went with browns, greens, whites and gold accents where I could find an understated ornament or two. Namibia is famous for its rust-red dunes, bleached white pans and deep blue sky and these are instantly recognisable, and symbolise the country’s vast, dry, uninhabited expanses. Certain trees like the camel thorn (very common throughout Namibia and produces a beautiful pod) and eucalyptus (not endemic to the country but spread through out) make for great talking points and accent pieces. You don’t think lush tropics when you think of Namibia so I had to keep the greens muted, but in combination with the wood and gold, and lots of candles, Christmas has turned out beautifully!

These are my inspiration pictures- let me know how your Christmas decor plans worked out.


If I had to amp this up even more, I might have incorporated Ankara pieces to the whole look but that takes it to a more casual place. But Etsy and Pinterest have great ideas for how to make your Christmas just ever so slightly Ankara kissed.


Merry Christmas everyone!



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